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Bye bye Skype

Posted by Back-From-Purgatory - November 7th, 2014

I've removed my skype contact information from my profile, because I'm sick of people adding me and either asking for tits and/or nudes or adding me to unload their arrogance or ignorant remarks about my life or my personality.

I'm not a character, and I'm not an act, if you don't like how I act, don't fucking talk to me.  I'm sick of people adding me and acting like I owe them something.

If you want to add me on skype, send me a PM, I will no longer be accepting random contact requests.


Fun side note... I put out a new song not that long ago, you should go listen to it:
Tonight Will Be The Night


And because it seems kinda lame to leave it at that... have a nice picture of BRS I found recently:


As far as I know, this is the original artist.  It's the only profile I can find with the raw picture anyways.

Comments (16)

just admit you're a guy and problem solved!!

No, no... you've got it all wrong... I'm actually a mushroom.

i remember the days when i used Skype good times good times >:D

Skype is for suckers.

thats what she said c:<


that's even worse...how do you expect to be a mushroom online and live your digital life free from solicitation...now show me your psychedelic compounds

I refuse.

Lol, ppl have been adding you to ask for tits?
This girl reminds me of Okumura Rin

If he were a sexy girl, yes... They do look a bit similar. At least in this art style.

I agree, it's an absolute travesty that people ask you to flash things you most likely DON'T have. People online wouldn't know what you really looked like if you spat a thousand pictures that said "I am Purgy" on them. Because they DON'T know. They could care less if you're a mushroom, meat popsicle, or Chelsea frickin' Manning. To the net, you are only what you express yourself to be, and that can bring forth consequences that shouldn't exist in the first place.

You've NEVER announced your real sex (to my mind), and boatloads of ppl will just assume you're female due to your predominantly feminine profile images and related imagery, as well as how you talk and how you sound, how your persona's expressed; again your true self is only as real as those who've actually met you in-person.

In some ways I feel envy for this kind of endeavor, as I've only been getting copious amounts of "FAKE" people that are sexually interested in me on Skype.

And with respect to all the other topics you mention in this news post, it's crushing. I try to be fair in my random, incoherent ramblings with you, but if you want to unfriend me, go right ahead. I can't stop you.

I'm much obliged that you're opening up like this, and would feel even more-so if you opened up more. I'll admit that I'm personally irked about some of these pictures that are shared in your posts, if only for what we're discussing now. I can't change you, no one can. Only *you* can change you.

A recommended course of action for you is to just kill your Skype account altogether, find a third-party app that will transfer those you know on Skype that you'd like to keep closest to you, and move on from there, if Skype is really that baneful.

I get the feeling you think this was directed at you. It wasn't. You can be annoying, but you're not guilty of any of the stuff I mentioned as far as I recall.

And for the record, there is no "persona". I'm being me. This is what the person that brought this on is guilty of, assuming I'm putting up an act. They didn't understand me, so they decided that I'm just a "fake".
There is no act, and there is no persona. Anyone that believes there is can fuck off.

And no, I have never disclosed my gender, and I never will. I do not try to act one way or the other, I am not trying to deceive anyone in any way. I don't care if people think I'm a guy or a girl, I'm not here to be categorized by what is or isn't between my legs, I'm here to share my music.

Also for the record, I use the imagery I do because I enjoy it. There is no other reason.

You seem to be taking this very personally, which is funny to me, because you were the very last person on my mind when I wrote this.

That sucks, (but really), but I have a question, why don't you block the people that are doing that instead of refusing contact with everyone? Oh yeah and is there a berry nurple that asked you this kind of question? Or someone with a weird name like this? Because if yes, it happens to me to... (he/she doesn't want to see my tits, maybe because I am a boy, but they were really wanted to show her pussy/tits). Also does that mean you are a girl? If yes I am confused since I tough you were a boy, lol! Oh yeah and that also sucks since You are one of my favorites artist, and the only reason why I amn't listening to your music is because I am not used to using the newgrounds system... Meh... I must say however that it does suck that their is people that are asking those kind of question. It only happened two times for me, But that was because I wasn't accepting the contact request before knowing exactly what the person wanted... However it if you ask "why are you adding me to your contacts" before accepting the contact request, you might be find to say "welcome back sype!" But that is if your fans aren't stupid enough to ask those kind of question... ANd I would actually be surprised if it was really your fans and not just really stupid mans that want a girlfriend, if you are a girl, which seems to be the case if I read your comment.
Unless you are a mushroom.

Am I confused enough for ya?
no but seriously I do /understand/ the problem, and that seriously sucks, then you have that random guy named "holuxux", the only thing you know about him is his username and he starts to say random things... Sorry for that!!!!! No but seriously I am so sorry!

and If I am still writing this even though I am sorry, it is because I like your music, I really like your music, and I had this problem before, and I refuse to think fans can be that stupid, mans that want a girlfriend, yeah sure, but not fans!!!

Is it normal that I think I lost at the game of live right now at this moment?

I've blocked plenty of people. I'm removing my skype contact information so I get less random jackasses to block.

That aside... Glad you like my music.

Meh, when I had that problem, it stopped when,for a reason, I said the usual thing I say when a random person add me in his contact : "what do you want" and the person didn't answered... Which means if you stop for a moment, ignore the random people, it should stop, you should not have that problem. Or what you could do is just try and make another account. I wouldn't be surprise if your problem is similar to mine.... But whatever!! You do what you want I am sure your fans will be happy as long as you continue to make and publish music!!!

Also : are you a boy or a girl?

(yes I do not know the answer, yes this is kinda like failing at the game of life)

Or I can just be more selective in who I add, which is how I'm handling it.

Also, no one seems to know, and I'm not telling.

*sigh*, I don't like that at all, and this for one simple reason : Their is one thing I love doing with youtubers/artist/you know what I mean, and this thing is simply talking, asking random questions, and even asking questions for a project. And this is why I do not like this at all.
So, you refuse to answer simple questions, which is annoying. If I do understand that you refuse to answer private questions, simple questions like that, no not really. I mean it is ok that you don't want to say the city where you live, no one can find you if they only know that you are a boy or a girl.

Has nothing to do with people "finding me".

ok then, if it is because you don't say that because you think I am going to ask for tits or other weird stuff, don't worry, you are way too old for me!!! You were making music I was three years old, and I am not going to ask you for a date or anything sexual, and like I said I am pretty sure that the problem isn't the fans, I think it is more likely to be random people. It happened to me to, and the problem was solved when I ignore the request. So I think if you accept the contact requests only from your fans (also from family and friends, if your skype account is not only your professional account) you should be fine.
Also, if it is neither so people can't find you, or you don'T want any problems, why won't you answer my question?

You don't know how annoying and sad this situation is for me... I guess it is a bit like that for you too. I feel like you are replying to reply, not because you too you like what you are doing, and not because you are thankful for the support your fans are giving you... If you are not doing this for you, you should stop, no one can force you to do things that you don't want...

But whatever, I guess you see me as another random dude that does't really know what he wants... So I am certainly not the person that will be able to change this decision...

I'm not sure what you're getting upset over. If you want to add me on Skype, just ask.

If you're not interested in dating me, why does my gender matter?

And I do music because I enjoy it, not for other people. But I would likely not still be doing music if I didn't get any support from my fans, and I'm grateful that I do.

What exactly are you upset about?

Skype : I kinda feel that as a random fan, you will refuse...I mean I reviewed like two or three songs a few moths ago... maybe?
dating : For basic knowledge! I like to know more about the youtubers/artist I like!!! But don't worry I did worse with some other youtubers....
music : ok sorry if I misunderstood some replies you did
upset : I am upset about you not answering basic question, for example : genders. It is something I really like doing! Yes asking random questions gives me a feeling that I am not a complete unsociable person....
picture : something I forgot to say : the picture is really cool!

I don't recall saying I'd refuse.

And you're getting overly upset about me not telling you my gender, you can't play it off like it's just a random question at this point.

I'll answer a lot of questions. But I will not answer questions about my gender, my gender does not define me, and I won't let other people define me by it.

And yes, I am quite fond of that picture.

in that case, I am upset because I don't understand the why behind this. However since this is stupid for my part, I am going to stop the discussion, unless you have something to add?

I do not.

Lol that was quite the conversation. I want to chime in but I'm just going to keep my nose out of it.
I always get random skype requests from bots and cam whores trying to advertise their webcam links or pretending to offer me pics if I give them my credit card information. I have no idea how they get my skype name because I have never posted it anywhere. Regardless though, sorry to hear you're having trouble with stalkers and strangers!

I figure I could also take this moment to give you props on all your awesome uploads. You have incredible talent and you're still among the top of my favorite newgrounds users. I especially enjoyed that song you linked above :)
I hope to hear more from you!

Boy or girl, you seem pretty fuqin' cool, mate.

D'awwww shucks... <3

Senpai, you shouldn't be so angry about this...I know the feeling, but I find it funny when people do this to me. I laugh at it and call it day. But, you're more of the lines of &quot;letting it go.&quot; It would've been awesome to have had you as a Skype buddy who i can steal voices from anytime i wanted...#yourkouhai &gt;:3

Steal voices from? How would you do that?

Also, I'm still accepting contact requests, you just have to pm me first.

&quot;How would you do that?&quot; My voice is so enchanting, you'll fall to my embrace and will be eager to voice act for me. And the pm will come...one day &gt;:3

With all jokes aside, sorry your newgrounds experience have been getting a bit salty. Needless to say, not everybody is an asshole and I hope you met more good users more than the chitty ones. I hope your newgrounds experience becomes a bit more pleasant in the months to come. :)

I've never voice acted before. I had considered trying it at one point, but there are other things I'd rather focus on, like music, art, and my videos (you know, the ones I haven't been doing).

I feel like you made the right choice, so I probably won't add many things about your decision.
I mean... As a fan, I did not take your skype the first day, I remember sending you a pm because I first wanted to know if you were open to chatting with people. Which was the case. And I have to say I've never been disappointed. As far as I can remember you never dispised me for my questions, when they became too personal you told me you didn't want to answer, which is a very nice behaviour in my point of view. I'd rather have you telling me you don't want to answer instead of lying or yelling at me. You tried to understand what I had to say eventhough I'm french and not fluent in english.
So.. yeah. I'm totaly with you on this part, sending a pm to ask for your skype will never hurt someone that really wants to chat with you. For sure. Also, nice new songs, I haven't found anything to say about them so far, so no comments, but there's gonna be one soon.
Keep going ! (Panda, out !)

Your english isn't as bad as you always seem to think it is.

And yes... if I don't want to answer something, I will flat out say so. I see no reason to be cryptic about it, if I don't want to answer, I won't answer. I also really don't mind the questions.