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Not bad

Not the best, but by far not the worst flash I've seen. This has been done before, many many times. If this were the first time I saw a plot like this, I would've been blown away, but with low originality comes low praise I'm afraid.

And I wish people would learn what "Emo" actually means. This toon is not "Emo". Emo is short for Emotional. Contrary to what most people think, "Emo" people are not cutters or anti-social sadistic kids that wear tight jeans and eye-liner. "Emo's" are people very very in touch with their emotions, those who aren't scared to cry when something really bugs them, those who speak their mind when life gets them down, etc. In comparison to how most people hold it in and deal with it alone and out of the public eye.

This toon was not "Emo". It was of the paranormal. Abnormal circumstances and situations. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way people... Try to use your brains.

Good ol' WoW

That was awsome...

And you watch Invader Zim, don't you? That female gnome sounded a lot like Gaz... Voice and personality wise.


Just wow.

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4 stars for the effort put in, -2 for cash grabs. Honestly, this game is a bore, unoriginal, and did I mention boring?

Amazing, addictive

Very addictive TD game, I somehow managed to survive til round 81, then got completely overrun. But was definitely worth the time. Really, the only reason I docked 2 points is the cash grabs included in the game.

Very cool

A mix of Left 4 Dead and the Nazi zombie mode from World At War... makes for a nice time waster.

Although I found once I reached the military compound, I was pretty much forced to die over and over and over again until I had the funds to afford both Wendy and the dude with the dynamite, at which point I was disappointed I spent so much time and effort to finally be up to par again only to find out that was the last level.

Overall good game though.

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I came for the boobs.

Also, this tickles my nostalgia bone, I haven't listened to Slipknot in ages, forgot how much I love this song.

Awesome job, now you just need to finish it. FOR THE MAGGOTS!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Cheers mang. Might do. Might do. glad ye dig!~

Steampianist... y u so underrated. You deserve so many more fans than you have.

Handling that vocaloid like a boss. Excellent job. You are entering the NGADM this year, yes? If so, I very much look forward to your submissions.

Keep it up, you can't stay under appreciated forever, you're going places.

steampianist responds:

I dont know.... Lolz anyway

And yes I am entering NGADM looking forward to it and thanks for listening to our vocaloid song

I'm a little conflicted on this one... On one hand, I love the sounds you used, save that warbly, almost retro sounding pluck... I didn't like that one at all.

On the other hand, it felt very uninspired, while still having a few moments where it just felt right. It's a very confusing track. I suppose considering this was more or less a test of some plucks you made, it accomplishes its purpose quite nicely.

Although as a song, I would have loved to hear a bit more substance. I initially felt like I was on my way into a big house adventure, but then the big sound never really came but instead settled into a somewhat minimalistic and repetitive sound, which left me a little disappointed, as the intro leading up to it sounded excellent.

Long story short... I really like the plucks (Again, save that one warbly one around 1:40), but as a song, I was left wanting more.

Lethal-Input responds:

Oh yeah I'm not sure why I decided to add that chiptune sound in there either lol. It was very late at night when I was making it. When I decided to upload it the next day, it was already exported and I didn't feel like taking it out though. I'll probably come back to this melody someday and actually flesh it out like it should be. Thanks for the feedback!

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OMG... glowy eyes... Purgy likes glowy things. Nostalgia of when I first found your stuff, when I featured Skoll on my newspost.

You know me all too well.

Goes without saying I love the eyes, they're glowing, and it just looks all kinds of awesome.
I really, really like how you did her hair too, I can't really describe why, but it looks really well done to me.

I think the shading on her nose makes it seem like it's really flat on top though, and her lips seem a tiny bit off to me, but I can't really explain how... cause I'm not entirely sure myself. Maybe she just has Angelina Jolie lips... I dunno.

That aside though, I absolutely love this.
As always, keep it up!

Syringes responds:

Thanks for the critique! I really appreciate it :) I went back and tried to rework her lips and nose, and I also fixed up the skull.

I know this feel...

Excellent visual interpretation of anxiety... I think this portrays the feeling quite well. Awesome work.

Keep it up!

Syringes responds:

Thank you! And yea, it's unfortunate to actually understand the feeling, anxiety really sucks.

Kira's giving some attitude... I approve.

PsychoZombii responds:

awww yiss (ノ´ヮ´)ノ

thx purgy-sama :)



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