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Sexy time with Phyrnna and other adventures

2015-03-21 07:07:30 by Back-From-Purgatory

So, I've been fairly busy lately, and soon to be much, much more busy with overtime coming up at work (2 months of it in fact, 12 days on, 2 off, 12 hour shifts... for 2 months straight).  On the plus side, I'll have a new song up before I disappear for 2 months due to work, the downside is I'm going to disappear for 2 months due to work, clearly.

In an effort to keep up with the times, I have gone ahead and made not only a twitter account, but a facebook account as well, I will be trying to keep up with people there with smaller, not whole newspost worthy information, like... how much procrastination I'm doing instead of working on new music, or how many hours I spent working on 2 seconds of audio.  So... be sure to follow and such there for more frequent updates and happenings.

Those that take the time to check the above will find updates as I'm finishing my latest song, with any luck, it will be finished before the weekend is over, but I make no promises.


In regards to "Sexy time with Phyrnna", in addition to my music getting an official face finally (I.E. Kira), there's already some "shipping" going on between me and Phyrnna.  Of course, most people this has reached so far know who Phyrnna is, and are like, "Who the hell is the other chick?"... But I'm confident that in time, Kira will be a bit more recognizable.  More so if I actually work on my music and do social like things more often than I have been the last 2 years.

Regardless, below is the "shipping" mentioned above, enjoy:


Added note:
Phyrnna is totally showboating them wings, I disapprove.  Damn show off.


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2015-03-21 14:22:34


Back-From-Purgatory responds:

-Too much wings. 1/10 </3


2015-03-22 00:39:08

Thats a beaultiful pic :3
Have you ever considered creating a patreon like Phyrnna?

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

I actually have one... but it's not complete, or public.

I was seriously debating going that route, but with my job and other interests, I'm not confident that I could provide enough regular content to make it worth donations from people on a monthly basis. As it can take me months and months to release a new song since I started working at my current job.

As I said in the newspost, I have overtime coming up, where quite literally the only time I'll be home is when I'm sleeping. I will not have the energy or motivation to work on much of anything in the very, very little free time I'll have in those 2 months.

I don't want to feel like a cheat, having a patreon page up where people are paying for me to not provide any content for long periods of time. Maybe if people express an interest anyways, I'll consider it... but at this point in time, I feel like it would be no better than a donation box (Which I do already have BTW).


2015-03-22 16:33:35

Sweet - more yuri fuel to keep my imagination busy. That's gonna shorten the wait for music by at least a day ^^.

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

Tee hee.


2015-03-22 22:19:58

Phyrnna x Kira forever <3


2015-03-23 11:35:00



2015-03-23 16:37:11

HOLD ON!!! 12 hours a day? that not a bit too much? that is 84 hours a week! Then after 12 days of intense work, you have two days off. That is too much! You need more break then that! Oh wait you are an artist.... You may not have much choice......... Still, you are working too much.

But the art is good, the only problem is that both Kira and phyrnna have a too serious face..... Whatever, I guess the few pixels smile of Phyrnna is because she is showing off and Kira is just like "bitch trying to show off!"

it really doesn't work, on top of that it is not funny.

Anyway, good job phyrnna for the art! And I really hope I will see music soon from you Purgy!

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

I should've mentioned that the art was done by WickedAlucard. I'll include a link for him when I get home from work.

On the note of work, I did the same thing last year, the overtime completely paid off my car, and left me with some to spare. I don't have anything super expensive to pay off this year, but I will be moving into a new place after the overtime is done, which will be pretty expensive to get set up, so the overtime money will help with that.

And I'd be lying if I said it wasn't exhausting, but the money makes up for it. Biggest downside is that I have practically 0 free time during those 2 months.