Entry #159

There and Back Again

2015-04-04 19:04:34 by Back-From-Purgatory

It's that time... I have finally finished another song (Well, I finished it about a week ago, more on that later).  This is the longest I have ever worked on a single trance track, so I'm hoping people enjoy it.  Like, comment, subscribe, share, such and such things and stuff.

The likes goal has already been reached for the free HD download of the song (Which you can find in the description of the video).

If it isn't evident already, Youtube will be my primary method of sharing music from now on for completed tracks.  I will also be uploading the songs to Soundcloud to provide download links, and I may post works in progress on soundcloud as well.

If you want to know about stuff I finish earlier, please do follow me on twitter, like me on Facebook, or come hang out with me and others on my offical forums (The front end site is still under construction).  Links for all of these are below.

And as always, please do let me know what you think.

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2015-04-04 21:53:32

Oh geeeeez dude, everything about this song is so right! I hope to get to this level of composition someday ;-:

(I followed you on facebook, twitter, and soundcloud as well:))

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

I say this all the time, and I will continue to do so... "Practice makes perfect". I've been doing music for a LONG time. The more you do it, the better you will get.

Also... <3


2015-04-05 05:29:46

<3 <3 <3

Back-From-Purgatory responds:



2015-04-06 00:08:46

This makes me think of an android, a sentient robot, that is powered by a winding mechanism. In the parts of the song which are building up, he winds the crank to stay alive. In the bursts of sound afterwards, he is fighting, running, living with all his might. As the music slows in the middle, he is winding down, realizing his time is limited by the cranks left in the mechanism, realizing he will die.
I really liked this song, and I think you did a great job.

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

Interesting take on it. Glad you like it.


2015-04-06 02:59:45

Its almost like a heartbeat.

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

Heart dancing to the beat of the drums.


2015-04-06 13:43:34

Songs like this are the reason why im following/subscribed to you. Keep up the amazing work

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

I will certainly try.


2015-04-26 14:15:17



2015-06-15 23:36:39

So... i wanted to ask, have you made any progress with Miku?

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

I've been so scatter brained (and busy, thanks to work) lately that no, I haven't. However, the delay saw that I got a new guitar before getting too far into the Miku metal song, which in theory means it should be a lot better when it is actually finished.

I know I've been talking about this song for ages, and it's still not here, but I still promise that it is coming, I have not forgotten about it.


2015-07-10 22:09:44

Hey, Purgy, I hope you're well. Anything new to report on?

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

In terms of music, no, not really. Been too busy with life lately to make much progress on that.

In terms of life, yes... I just officially moved into my new place, internet is all set up, and it's in a livable state. In theory, this means I should be back to making music soon again, depending on how I adjust to the new place.


2015-07-11 23:18:50

Well, hope the new place can help you with making new vibes.

Back-From-Purgatory responds:

Time will tell.