Entry #161


2017-02-12 16:10:42 by Back-From-Purgatory

Regarding my last newspost, I did a lot of thinking, and a bit of talking with Tom, and came to the conclusion that it'd be a waste to outright delete my profile, and instead opted to simply have all of my music taken down.  I guess in doing this, I was banned forever from the audio portal (I dunno, that's how Tom decided to do it I guess), which is fine, because I'm not uploading here anymore regardless.

Either way, my profile will remain, and I will still try post updates here once in a while.  That said, if you want to be in the know sooner than later, I strongly suggest following me on Facebook and/or twitter (My posts on twitter automatically go to my facebook page anyways), as those are the first places that I post new info and updates.

That said, I will have a big announcement to make hopefully within the coming week.  Those of you already following me on my FB page should already be aware of it if you've seen my most recent post.

So stay in the know:





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2017-02-21 12:43:22

Sad to hear you're leaving, but good to hear your presence remains! Good luck on all future endeavors; hope to someday see you back at the origin again. Pretty hesitant about tuning in to the unfortunately all too privacy-invasive alternative social giants you list, but maybe some day...