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So, after a long hiatus... I was hoping to share something with everyone browsing the audio portal. Something absolutely amazing, and by far one of my most professional pieces yet. I wasn't anywhere near done, as I just spent about 8 hours on it earlier today. I managed a nice peaceful, flowing introduction made up of a full orchestra, that built it's way into a happy chorus with a sudden shift to imminent danger.
The verse after picks right up into full gear with a very Nightwish inspired orchestral metal sound.

Unfortunately for myself and those on the audio portal... FruityLoops decided it wanted to piss me off, and deleted my orchestra when I saved it. Having spent 7 of those 8 hours working on getting that bit just perfect, I tried to bring it back to life from scratch, only to fail miserably. The only part of the song still in tact was my big pick up... Which at this point in time is a whopping 1% of the song I spent all those 8 hours working on.
The reason I found afterwards that FruityLoops deleted my orchestra was because I only had the demo version of the plugin that was generating my orchestra sounds. Had it been more clear about what would happen if I tried to save, I would have left the program running until I was satisfied enough with it to export it to MP3 to begin recording my guitar tracks.

So, after failing to revive or recover my complete orchestra, I not only came insanely close to deleting FL Studio and throwing my computer against the wall... I also gave up, and decided to try again another day, and hope to achieve the same greatness I had in that 8 hours earlier.

Although one thing is for certain.... I will be sure to ALWAYS save my songs to MP3 BEFORE I try to save them as a project... at least that way if I lose any data, I can listen to the song and remake it that way for further editing.

So, this unfortunately means, I still will not have any new music up for a while, as I am back to work in a day, and will have to spend probably 5 times the time I took to create that piece to RECREATE it.

Until then. This is Back From Purgatory,
Signing off.


2008-01-11 05:45:27 by Back-From-Purgatory

I'm a self taught guitarist with 6 years of experience, melodic metal is my style, and fame from my music is what I'm shooting for. None of this, gonna play with a band in my garage for a couple years as a hobby shit. I'm going all the way. There's no other option, succeed or die trying.

If you don't like my music, screw you, there's plenty of people that do.
If you do like my music, awesome, look forward to seeing you at a show sometime in the near future.

Keep it metal,
Back From Purgatory,
Signing off.