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Something's coming...

And yep, I'm wasting a front page post to tease it.


Things and stuff

2014-10-04 22:37:26 by Back-From-Purgatory

Ok, I've been really bad lately for being kinda inactive and not keeping people in the loop about what's going on.  I say I'm doing things, then they seem to just never happen.  Part of this is due to being busy with my job, part of it is procrastination, and part of it is lack of inspiration or motivation.

But I'm trying really hard to stop being inactive and start doing things productive more often.  I've cut back on my gaming time to spend more time on music and other things.  And now I'm looking for some input on what you guys would like to see as a priority.  So what I'm going to do is list off a lot of stuff that I'm working on, or am thinking about working on, and you can tell me what you want to see, what you don't, and where on the priority list you'd like to see it.  Because I'm trying to do a million things at once, and it just isn't working, and in turn, pretty much nothing ends up getting done.

So here we go, here are some current projects/ideas on my plate:

  • Miku metal.  Yes, I will be writing some Miku metal, I have already started, but progress is slow.
  • Live streaming, either of myself writing music, or playing games.  I did this for a bit a while back, and it wasn't really a huge thing, but it's something I'd like to revisit if there's interest.  And as much as I hate to add this, I might maybe include streaming of myself practicing drawing... maybe... I'm super self conscious about my drawing, but it's not out of the question if people want to see it.
  • Let's Plays/commentaries/walkthroughs, I've always been interested in doing this, but I'm not extremely sociable, and can never really think of much to say.  I know people have requested me to play certain things in the past, but I'd like to get a better idea of how much interest there is in this.  Of course, should I start doing this, the videos will be uploaded to my youtube channel.
  • Commissions.  I've always more or less hated the idea of doing commissions, because I'm terrible at writing music for other people, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw it out there as a possibility.
  • Tutorials?  Maybe you want to know how I do certain things with my music, maybe you want to know how Vocaloid works, or maybe you just want some basics for getting started in creating stuff.
  • My site/forums (Link is to the forums... cause the site itself is still basically an empty template).  I really want to stop being lazy and get my site more fleshed out and have it be a place people actually want to visit.


Those aside, I'm also in the midst of a collab with another NG artist that could potentially be a big thing, I won't share any details yet, as it's very much in a pre-alpha state... But it's something to look forward to.  What I will say, is that involves the below:


I really want to get out of the slump I'm in, and I don't want to use my job as an excuse for not getting anything done anymore.  It does take up a very large chunk of time, but that shouldn't stop me from working on other things.

So yeah, thoughts, feedback, questions, comments, concerns?


Been a while since I've done a metal track....

Vocaloud anyone...?

That's Vocaloid metal for those of you who don't know...



The Inevitability

2014-07-06 05:42:40 by Back-From-Purgatory

I'm gonna make this short and sweet.

Lately, I've been writing music because I feel like I should.  And I've been writing music in the way that I think I should.  I stopped writing music because I wanted to.

And here I am, with a new song that I wrote because I wanted to, and I wrote it how I wanted to.

There are a lot of things wrong with this in terms of musical structure, probably mixing, and generally with just how most people view music.  And I don't care.  I like what I did, and that's what made music fun for me, writing things how I like to, instead of how I feel I should.


So yeah, give 'er a listen, tell me you love it, tell me you hate it, tell me all the things I did wrong, all of the things I did right.  Like it, hate it, share it, delete it.  But as long as I like what I did, I am satisfied.

The Inevitability


I'm also going to post a random completely unrelated picture... Just because I want to.




2014-05-10 23:01:57 by Back-From-Purgatory

So, a while ago, I posted Only The Beginning.  It's very different from the stuff I usually do, and it was a challenge for myself to make something so far out of my comfort zone... but... I never finished it.  It had a half assed ending where there should have been more.

So... since I'm finally done my overtime at work, I decided to sit down and revisit it.  Not only did I revamp an early section, I extended the song as a whole as well as made a few minor tweaks in other areas.

Behold, the result.. for better or worse (I'm hoping for better):
Only The Beginning (Extended)


Speaking of endings... I tried something new with the ending... Screw cliché chords and fade outs... I opted to glitch it to hell... Yes... That was intentional.

And as you may notice, the song never really revisits previous themes once it moves on.  Why you ask?  Because I think it's stupid that songs should be expected to always come back to a single theme, and I like to keep it moving along, it tells a more interesting story, and it makes the song more varied.  Not that I'll never do the Verse, chorus, verse, bridge thing again... Just sometimes I like to just do a song without caring about the structure and how it should be.


And lastly...

Miku is coming...




Also... Meet Kira.  Personification of my music.  Designed and created by yours truly:


Ask Me Anything (Answers Video!)

2014-03-17 00:23:16 by Back-From-Purgatory

Some of you may recall the newspost I put up a couple weeks ago where I told you guys to ask me anything... Well, I've finally finished editing the video for it (Save one hiccup that I'm not willing to rerender for 4 hours to fix, just a small visualizer issue), and it is now live and ready for your watching/listening enjoyment.

As I say in the video, if you have any more questions for me, feel free to ask, and I'll throw an answer your way.




Ask Me Anything!

2014-03-01 14:14:44 by Back-From-Purgatory

UPDATE #3:  Video is rendering now, and will be up later tonight (4 hour render, probably 3-4 hour upload).


UPDATE #2:  Ok, I lied, I don't think I will be able to post the video this weekend... Editing is taking quite a bit longer than I anticipated (In large part due to my lack of video editing experience, I'm sure).  So I'll be working on it bit by bit after work throughout the week, and should have it posted by next weekend at the very latest.  Pinky swear.


UPDATE: Answers have been recorded, and as such any further questions will be answered via text.  The video should be up by tomorrow night at the very latest.



I have decided to do another AMA (Or "Ask Me Anything" for those few that aren't familiar).  Why?  Well, long story short, there have been a lot of people pretending to be me lately (Mostly via telling people that my youtube channel is actually theirs) and I want to put up a video in response to this, basically making it near impossible for people to just outright claim to be me.

So, it's a dual purpose video, I'm going to both deny people the opportunity to claim my youtube channel or my music as their own, as well as answer a bunch of questions.

So here's what's gonna happen, you guys post your questions here, and I will take those questions after a week or so, and make a youtube video answering them.

Of course, you'll need to watch my youtube channel for the answer video, so, go subscribe and watch a bunch of stuff so you're nice and familiar with it.  (Ufufufufufufu... sneaky subscriber plugging...)


Given that I'll be answering the questions in video format, it should be a given that I will not answer the questions here, cause that would spoil the surprise... I may still comment on the questions however.

That aside... I have nothing else for you at this point in time, so ask away, and have a random picture, because why not:



2014-02-03 19:11:03 by Back-From-Purgatory

As always, been a while since I've upload a song, so I figured I should finish (more or less) something I've been messing with before I start my new job and don't have time to do much of anything.

So, here it is, as I mentioned in my previous news post, this here is the song I've been working on that really isn't like anything I've done before.  Variety of influences in this one, and I'm not entirely sure I'm finished with it, I may just keep expanding on it and tweaking it, we shall see.

So, yeah, link:Only The Beginning


And as always, do please head on over to my youtube channel and share some love.


Also... I'ma drop a sneak peek of something else I'm working on, because I'm really bad at keeping secrets:1061887_139147262242_himitsu.jpg

Total Insanity!!!

2014-01-03 06:10:30 by Back-From-Purgatory

Hi hi!  Purgyです!(That's "It's Purgy!" for those that can't read Japanese)

So, it's been a while since I've submitted a complete track.  And by a while, I mean it's been like... nearly a full year (Keeping in mind I don't really consider Absurdity a complete track).  And I've been struggling with writing because everything I've been trying to do has sounded really lame and familiar to stuff I've already done.


The good news is I've broken out of that nasty cycle.  The bad news (To some maybe), is that what I'm working on right now (Collab with a special someone aside... that's coming too) is so different from what I usually do, that it'll probably throw everyone for a loop and then some.  I can not understate how different this project is.  You have never heard anything like this from me before, not in the slightest.  For some, it might be a nice change of pace... for others, you might just un-fan me.  I dunno, up to you.  But I believe in practicing a wide range of styles.  And what I'm working on now is definitely something completely new to me.


To give you guys a hint... The song I'm working on right now was heavily inspired by this:  


You will probably notice that the intro sounds quite similar in the song I'm writing... once I post it anyways.  However, the "drop" is quite a different beast and is taking a lot of influence from another genre of music I've been really into lately.  I'll leave you guys to take guesses as to what genre it is I'm referring to so I don't spoil the surprise.

Also, so you don't get your hopes up... No, I am not currently planning vocals for this particular track... although that may change as progress continues... We shall see.


Speaking of videos on youtube, if you haven't already, do please subscribe to my youtube channel and feel free to share it with your friends, your relatives, your neighbors... hell... share it with your pets... Share it with everyone

As I've mentioned time and time again, I am really trying to push my youtube channel to the forefront, as there is much more exposure to be had there.  And with enough exposure, I can afford to do more things with it, like tutorials (I know some of you have been asking for a vocaloid tutorial), possibly music videos, other media, at some point, maybe even live performances.


Anyways, this has become a big wall o' text, so I'm gonna shut up here.  But first... we have a guest... She wants you to subscribe to my youtube channel.  I can't be held responsible for whatever she does if you don't.


So, some of you may remember me uploading a shitty bass heavy track a little while ago.  To build on that... I've decided to actually make use of my youtube channel and some newfound video editing knowledge thanks to tutorials I found on... well... youtube.


So yeah... Behold Absurdity in all it's visualizernish glory:  


I was actually hoping to add in some background effects as well... but I couldn't really figure out how to do what I was after... sooo... that will have to wait for another video.


Anywho... Comment, like, subscribe, share... You know the drill.  I'm gonna be pushing my youtube channel quite a bit from now on, because I'm trying to branch out a bit... and people like visualizers dancing in the foreground of sexy anime pictures, right?


... Don't deny it... you know you like it.