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New Upload? REALLY?!

2013-11-20 16:39:10 by Back-From-Purgatory

Ok, so I've been kinda like... completely inactive as far as music goes lately, I've got a lot of stuff that I've started since I posted We Know, but haven't really finished anything at all.

So, I decided I'd upload some random shenanigans that I was mucking around with solely because I found a cool patch in Omnisphere (The bass). By no means is this a fully fleshed out song, and it's absolutely nothing like what I usually do, mixing probably sucks ass (In fact, I'm about 100% positive it does), but people like loud bass... right? Well... it has loud bass.

Anywho, go listen, rate, review, play it really loud in your car with windows down while rolling through a seniors home, fap to it... whatever floats your boat.

Because it's absurd I'd ever upload something with so little to it.

Also... Miku will make an appearance soon™... I promise.... maybe...
And probably more news about other things that some of you have been asking about forever.... You know who you are.

Yeah... what the title says, except that it's not officially comicon, but it's close enough, it's the same idea, just a bit wider of a spectrum of culture.

Regardless, I went, I took pictures, I bought a couple posters, I saw a lot of cool cosplay and goodies at the booths.

Unfortunately, I can only upload one picture here... so I'm going to drop a link to the forum post I made on my forum here and you can check out the rest there. Be sure to register and become another happy member of the community while you're at it!

I will however leave you with a picture of the posters I brought home with me from the convention, for the pictures I took of cosplay you will have to use the link above to check out my forum post.

Purgy went to "Comicon"! (Pics)

Purgy Shoots People

2013-09-09 05:34:02 by Back-From-Purgatory

So, in my last newspost, I mentioned that I now have Twitch and will be livestreaming a bunch of stuff.

Well, earlier tonight someone requested I play BF3 on stream, so I did. And one step further, I did it while adding my own flavor of "commentary". Making this the first time I've shared my wonderful words in audible format outside of the interview I did with Realfaction a couple weeks back. I tweaked my mic settings a little bit, got rid of some of that annoying muffleness... Although there is some mic static, which for the life of me I can't figure out how to get rid of... Considering the headset I am using is worth about $150, it shouldn't have that (And the issue that it won't charge properly) problem in the first place.
Tell ya what, I won't be getting Turtlebeach stuff again.

Regardless, I shot people for your enjoyment, so... enjoy:

I guess this is probably the first time I've mentioned my gaming channel on Youtube as well... so... subscribe, like, comment, you know the drill.

On top of all this, I have also decided to buy a capture card to cap some console game footage for my gaming channel on youtube, possibly including Let's Plays, guides, walkthroughs, or just general screwing around.

Oh... and I still make music... I promise something's coming... patience is a virtue, right?

Live Streaming! .. and boobs?

2013-09-07 02:14:02 by Back-From-Purgatory

Ok, so I've gone and jumped on the bandwagon finally... I am now live streaming.

What am I live streaming? Games (Been playing a lot of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn lately, but I'll stream just about anything I can play on PC), my piano practice and general piano fuckery, and every so often, I will stream while I'm actually writing music, so people can see how I do things... or just get a sneak peek at new stuff I'm working on before it's ever posted here, on Soundcloud, Youtube, Tumblr or on my site/forum (Which actually doesn't have it's own audio stream yet... but I'll get that in there eventually, I swear... but you can talk about stuff... people like stuff...).

... Well... now that all that whoring is out of the way... I suppose I should link you to the reason I made this newspost:
Back From Purgatory on!

I do apologize for the poor quality, as my upload rate is only capable of handling 480p as an output resolution (Shitty ISP, wooooo), but gotta start somewhere, right? Maybe down the line if there's enough interest, I'll see about improving my internet to improve my streaming quality.

Fun note... From time to time, I may actually turn on my mic to talk during my stream... and I may be considering doing another AMA, rather live on stream, or in a way that you submit questions, and I answer them in audio/video. That is, if there's interest for that sort of thing.

Oh... And I guess I said something about boobs too... soooo... here ya go, enjoy.

Live Streaming!  .. and boobs?

Black Rock Shooter

2013-08-29 15:16:19 by Back-From-Purgatory

So, it was my BDay about 9 days ago (Aug 20), and besides a couple games I got from family (Dragon's Crown and Tales of Xillia... both amazing games BTW), Squidbit, a user right here on NG decided to get me a little sumthin' sumthin' too.

And 9 days later, after a long trip from Japan, those presents arrived, clearly he knows of my fondness for Black Rock Shooter. And I'm very ok with that, because I love both of the presents he got me... Even if the little one was a real pain in the ass to set up/pose.

You can also check out a few more pictures I have posted over on my forum (If you're interested, you can find those posts specifically in this thread). Like what you see? Feel free to stick around!

Also... sorry for bad picture quality... the camera on my phone sucks ass.

Black Rock Shooter

Purgy Speaks?!

2013-08-21 18:35:39 by Back-From-Purgatory

Ok, so, Purgy is mysterious and yadda yadda, and everyone is always asking me questions and making assumptions.

Well, now you have one less thing to wonder about. I just did a voice interview with RealFaction, and it just went live over on youtube. So... hear me say things and talk about stuff.

... And cringe at the awful quality because I don't ever really speak on mic, so I didn't really have it set up properly, leaving myself muffled and junk. But yeah... go check it out and shit.


2013-08-11 14:39:17 by Back-From-Purgatory

This is a random newspost because my HDD isn't dead and having a newspost up that says it is is totally misleading so until I have something worthy of using my front page posting for I'm going to use this opportunity to say HELLO HOW ARE YOU?!




Dead HDD

2013-07-24 20:54:40 by Back-From-Purgatory

It seems my PC decided it didn't like what happened and fixed itself... Fortunately, it seems it was just a software corruption. Late last night, not long before I went to bed, I was marathoning the second season of Oreimo on my PS3, so my PC was left doing its own thing... and when I took a short break I noticed a maintenance pop up on my PC, said to Reboot to fix drive errors.

By the time I saw this, it was like 4am... so I just shut it down and went to bed. When I got up this morning (Ok... noon), started up my PC, it went through a "Scanning and repairing" cycle on the windows screen... restarted itself... and now everything seems fine again.

I still think my HDD needs to be replaced due to some freezing and such I've been getting lately, but at least for now, my PC is still operational. Finally caught a break.


So... once again, my HDD has died, this time due to a power outage while I was in the middle of backing some stuff up to an external hard drive.

I am still able to use my PC... however... practically nothing works except Internet Explorer... and oddly enough... my collection of anime. Besides that... I can't download, I can't install things, and I can't run any other applications (Be them for music, games, or general utility)

Unfortunately, Skype is included in the list of things that will not start, so those of you who have me added, I won't be online for a couple days at least while I go buy a new HDD and get everything reinstalled again. For now, the only way to contact me is via Newgrounds. Even if my HDD craps out entirely, I can still check NG via my PS3.

Fortunately, I was suspecting my HDD was getting ready to die and had backed up pretty much everything I couldn't afford to lose a week or 2 ago.
Still... It is such a pain in the ass to get all the way to the store I usually get my parts from (It's a city over and on the exact opposite end from where I am), then reinstall absolutely everything. I managed to get 3 days off this week... and looks like I'll be spending pretty much all of that getting my PC back up to speed again.


Purgy Has Vocaloid!

2013-07-15 22:55:35 by Back-From-Purgatory

Some of you may have noticed the new theme on my profile, and those that have that are also familiar with Vocaloid will have probably pegged it down as Gumi.
And you'd be right. That is indeed Gumi, and the change followed soon after I bought Vocaloid3 with a copy of the english version of Gumi.

Over the last couple weeks or so, I've been working on a new song to stretch my vocaloid muscles, and I figured no better way to do that than start with a style of music that people seem to enjoy a lot from me... Something I've been calling "Piano Rock".

Put some finishing touches on it earlier today, and here it is. Give it a listen, comment, review, vote, etc. etc...

Hope you guys enjoy it, even if it's a little rough around the edges, being my first time using Vocaloid and all:

We Know

Purgy Has Vocaloid!

Check Her Out!

2013-06-14 02:31:26 by Back-From-Purgatory

Been a while since I featured someone for something... and since I have nothing else to talk about right now... I'm gonna do it again.

On top of that... I've featured something from this artist in the past as well. I love her stuff, and you should to.

Behold, from the awesomeness that is Syringes:
The Fallen

Be sure to go to her profile and click that handy Follow button.... And follow me as well while you're at it, I'll post more music soon... I promise. <3

Check Her Out!